Social Responsibility

Odonata is committed to combining the force of technologies and our expertise to make the world a safer place.

Taking the Power of Intelligence to Fighting Crime

Odonata companies are committed to disrupting the modern slave trade. Through ShadowDragon, we provide specialized digital tools and a collection and dissemination platform to help combat human trafficking across the globe.

Using Digital Tools and Intelligence to Disrupt Human Trafficking

Experts from Odonata’s ShadowDragon team are proud participants in the efforts to combat human trafficking, which affects millions across the globe every day. We arm investigators with solutions to track and hunt threats in the physical and cyber domains and provide specialized digital tools to DeliverFund, a nonprofit with the shared common goal of stopping human traffickers through the use of our tools and tested investigative methods.

ShadowDragon also is a proud member of DeliverFund’s International Human Trafficking Analysis Center (iHTAC), a consortium of professional companies that work to create solutions that help DeliverFund disrupt the modern slave trade and to serve as the central collection and dissemination platform for human trafficking intelligence.

Since we have the skill, experience, and unique technology to track and ID criminals, we absolutely have a responsibility to use it. I can’t think of anyone that needs help more than the children held in captivity by human traffickers. We are very proud to be helping as part of iHTAC.

Daniel Clemens

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