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Odonata provides its subsidiaries a business environment free of red tape to inspire true innovation.

Our Vision

We strive for excellence in anything we pursue, quietly go about using our business acumen and technology skills to help customers set realistic goals and drive successful outcomes.

We are a quiet leader in tackling the issues that customers face in the business management arena or augmenting technologies for analysts or researchers.

Our Mission

Odonata acts as an overseer, freeing its subsidiaries to pursue their missions without cumbersome red tape and meddlesome investors. Odonata provides the resources and environment for these companies to innovate, design, test, and develop solutions in line with customer needs.

We play the long game with precision, focus and patience. We offer an environment where we answer to clients—not investors—and strive for excellence.

Success Stories

packetninjas logo

Packet Ninjas was founded in 2005 to offer both in depth forensic analysis and in depth cyber security review and specialized consulting.

The guiding philosphy in this genesis, was in depth exploitation knowledge of vulnerabilities couldn't be fully investigated without appropriate knowledge. The marriage with offensive exploitation knowledge and forensic investigative analysis was born.

Over the next 10 years, Packet Ninjas aided in international investigations involving complex corporate espionage, cyber compromise and human compromise.

Packet Ninjas has also had great success in lending talent to projects like Emerging Threats (also known as Emerging Threats Pro) prior to the acquision by Proofpoint. Packet Ninjas was tasked with auditing all vulnerability based IDS signatures between 2000 and 2012 between Emerging Threats, Telus, and Sourcefire and related competitors. The founder (Daniel Clemens) also served as the director of 0day response and Microsoft Patch analysis for Emerging Threats through Packet Ninjas for 2 years, enabling scalable analysis for Emerging Threats Pro prior to the acquisition by Proofpoint (40m).

Packet Ninjas also served as response and threat assessment for multiple high profile and international issues:

  • Investigative response to financial sectors in South America, enabling identification of complex fraud, computer compromise and analysis of capabilities of advanced adversaries providing consulting to identify and thwart current and future attacks.
  • Analysis and response to threats for businesses in Venzeula targeted by Hugo Chavez rejime, providing analysis of threats, roadmaps for secured network setup and planning if state sponsored attackers attempt to acquire key assets of clients.
  • Analysis of Anonymous 2010/2011, production of over 50 IDS signatures for all known tools, tactics and procedures used in attacks against large financial industries, governments and stock exchanges. Research fromn this project aided ICANN, Nasdaq, Moodys and aided in the arrest of many rogue operators at this time.
  • Packet Ninjas aided presidential candidates in 2012 by identifying vulnerabilities (penetration testing) and aiding identfying multiple attacker groups infiltrating and exploiting networks of candidates.
  • Packet Ninjas team aided in multi-year long investigation spanning multiple countries in attacks against luxery goods companies.
  • Packet Ninjas investigative and offensive analysis team aided in multi-year investigation to identify insider attackers, data brokers engaged in sale of intellectual property and development of specialized tools to aid in mapping, monitoring and engaging adversaries (eventually spawning ShadowDragon).
  • Packet Ninjas aided in analysis and discovery of 80% of the elecronic medical records systems (EMR) deployed in healthcare enterprises between inception (2005) and the current date.
  • Packet Ninjas has identified countless 0day vulnerabilities in software packages, silently sharing vulnerabilities in a responsible manner with vendors.
  • Packet Ninjas has aided in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and the Americas in complex cyber security and operational security needs.
  • Packet Ninjas has evolved research and development for its own team and spinning out a second team (ShadowDragon) enabling robust investigative capability to other teams.
  • Packet Ninjas has served in multiple, multi-year investigations where team work, documentation, and attention to detail is needed for long term success while enabling outcomes that fit the customer.

The Packet Ninjas team still serves to support complex consulting needs and is looking for good talent to grow this boutique practice.

shadowdragon logo

ShadowDragon was founded in 2015 to sell digital investigation tools originally developed by Odonata sister company, Packet Ninjas. The company’s mission was to support the investigative processes of businesses, law enforcement, governments and military with tools that map, correlate, monitor and document the case-specific digital activities of targets on the open and dark web.

ShadowDragon tools include

  • OIMonitor – Enables Real time situational awareness on the OSINT, deep and dark web monitoring
  • SocialNet - Uncovers aliases and connections by searching, mapping and visualizing social media
  • MalNet – Query, correlate and visualize malware artifacts and infrastructure leveraging Proofpoint ET data
  • AliasDB – Assess data that builds on an adversaries history and behavior for dossiers
  • Spotter – Stealthily engage directly with a target to confirm identities, connections and more

In just three years, these tools have been purchased and used by hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. This includes Fortune 50 companies as well as U.S.-based and international law enforcement, government, military and intelligence organizations.

100% growth 2016-2017
240% anticipated growth 2018

38% growth in customer base anticipated for 2018

screenshot malnet@2x
screenshot socialnet@2x

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