All Eyes On the Digital World

Today’s businesses are tied to the digital world representing new challenges for both enterprises and small and medium sized businesses.

Odonata companies help organizations thrive and survive in their digital world with offerings that provide 360 degree situational awareness and technical agility in surviving modern business challenges, while innovating the tools that enable success.

Odonata [ˌōdnˈätə, ōˈdänə-]

The scientific order of insects that includes dragonflies.

Dragonflies are the fiercest, most adaptable living thing in the kinetic world. Revered by Samurai warriors, they beat out lions and sharks with a 95% kill rate. In addition to amazing multidirectional aerial agility, a Dragonfly’s’ success in hunting and survival can be credited to their compound eyes. Made up of 30,000 facets these eyes generate 360 degree vision. Dragonflies are so resilient, they can be found anywhere on earth, except Antarctica.

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